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The English Academy pursues to provide our students with high proficiency standards in the English language that enable them not only to further their studies at any university of their choice, but to highly perform and lead in the globalized world they are living in. The world labour market, on the other hand, also places a high importance on the command of English for most of the better employment opportunities.


Colegio Francés del Pedregal has been an examination centre for the past 17 years. To guarantee standards, it is necessary to be certified by a prestigious and internationally recognized examination organization. This is the main reason why we have chosen the Cambridge ESOL examinations.

On preparing our students for Cambridge ESOL examinations, we have found a firm track to progressively tackle the understanding on how the language works and eventually become proficient in English, whatever their professional or study goals are.


Our bilingual program begins in Preschool, where English is spoken half day. Language becomes familiar through games, songs, and directed activities, providing the little ones with the necessary tools to fluently communicate in everyday situations.


In a fifteen-hour per week model, Elementary School seeds sound language acquisition in a content language integrated learning syllabus, developing in the students skills and competences necessary to successfully reach A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference.


In High School, we offer a differentiated instruction model that caters personalized needs to our students taking them from A2 to B2 in Middle School all the way up to C1 in Senior High School...




Starters Movers   

Key English Test (KET)


Middle School  


Preliminary English Test (PET)   

First Certificate Exam ( FCE)


High School   


First Certificate Exam (FCE)

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)



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