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Aware of the skills needed for success in the 21st century English classroom, our program focuses on developing creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking through the language.


We encourage our students to learn to think differently, both critically and analytically in the classroom because we want them to become problem solvers.


Throughout our language program, students will find project-based and product and/or solutions learning along with formal language training in order to prepare our students for the Cambridge ESOL examinations, mandatory at all school years in our school.


Our bilingual program begins in Preschool, where English is spoken half day. Language becomes familiar through games, songs, and directed activities, providing the little ones with the necessary tools to fluently communicate in everyday situations.


In a fifteen-hour per week model, Elementary School seeds sound language acquisition in a content language integrated learning syllabus, developing the skills and competences necessary to successfully reach A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference.


In Middle and High School, we operate under a differentiated instruction model that caters to personalized needs in our students, taking them from A2 to B2 in Middle School, all the way up to C2 in High School. All our senior students obtain either CAE or CPE Diplomas and all of them obtain an IELTS Diploma with the benefits this bring to their academic and professional life.

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